This page will provide some highlights of our previous trips. We appreciate your interest and your patience as we develop the content. But until then, here's a brief overview of the history of this work . . .

It started with a decade-old dream to take our family to visit Robin’s Nest Children’s Home near Montego Bay, Jamaica. We joined in with Community VBS at All Saints’ Anglican in Woodbridge, Virginia, and off we went in 2013. Little did we know what God had in store for us.

We returned in 2014, opening up our team to any who might be interested. It was during this visit, as we spent time with the children of the Fishing Village whom we had met the previous year, that God begin to plant in our hearts a vision for starting a school.

With this vision burning in our hearts, we made an interim trip in January, 2015. As we prayed with our friends from the pre-school in the Fishing Village and the directors at Robin’s Nest, we received tremendous affirmation and encouragement. Also during this trip, we discovered Jamaica Link Ministries (, and their mission team guest house, Fairhaven.

2016 was a year of seeking wise counsel and making connections. We were able to bring morning devotions to two schools in Montego Bay and to meet with a veteran educator from one of the schools who helped us more fully understand the path we should take. We were also able to play a role in the graduation ceremony for the pre-school. It was through the God-directed events of this trip that we concluded the little school in the Fishing Village would be our starting point for the bigger vision.

In September we were able to return and play a role in providing new tables and chairs as the new school year was about to begin. We then returned in February, 2017 with good friends—a veteran early childhood educator and her husband who has extensive experience in construction and land acquisition. We also gathered photos and bios of the students as we are hoping soon to launch a sponsorship program for them. We returned home with a long list of projects needed to get the school up to local standards and get it officially registered with the Ministry of Education.

Our 2017 mission is planned for July 22 to July 31, and our team-building is underway. For a fifth year our strong partnership with All Saints’ continues as we will be taking Community VBS to the Fishing Village. We transitioned our spiritual and financial covering in 2015 to Rock the World Youth Mission Alliance, and they have provided tremendous support and guidance as we plan next steps and seek God for his direction.

Who are we? We are John and Michelle Chase, parents, grandparents, disciples of our beautiful savior, Jesus the Messiah. Are we educators, are we experienced and seasoned missionaries, are we ordained pastors? No. But much like Isaiah, we were present when God said, “Whom shall I send?” And we are so in love with him and his ways that we had no choice but to say, “Here am I, send me!”

What do we need? We need prayer support. We need relationships and partnerships (and those are happening all the time!). We need those who will support this work financially; one-time, ongoing, big, small, however God leads.